Jail Break iOS 9.3 and up

When taig and pangu and can't do the job then you can use a mobile phone injector to jailbreak it. Please follow the instructions below and please donate to help us keep this going.

JailBreak: The Process !

1. Download the hack to your pc

Download Now


2. Connect your iPhone to PC

Make sure your iphone is connected to your computer


3. Run any mobile injector

1.Download free version of

2. CLick the APP RUNNER, select the jailbreak you downloaded above

3. Select your iPhone as destination look at image BELOW


4. Inject and jailbreak

Make sure you select the jailbreak.exe and run it to your iPhone. You should have a jailbreak working



Hi i know taig and pangu are both free. But if this works better for you please give us some little donation to keep motivating us to update this always.


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    wow, i love how easy it is to jailbreak iphones using the links you provided.. I got tired of reading long youtube video tutorials . Am glad i do not have to do anything but use the imei
    Jonathan Atkinson
    You guys are the best, I've been trying to use a software but its much faster and easier if you use just the imei code
    Example: Using an iPhone Injector